• Cultural Foundations
    Cultural Foundations Literature, music, visual and performing arts...
  • Social Foundations
    Social Foundations Philosophy, religion, political and social theory...
  • Global Arts and Sciences
    Global Arts and Sciences Think analytically, read critically, write effectively...
The Goal

Our aim is to give our members the best possible foundation in the global liberal arts and sciences and to help them develop the ability to think analytically, read critically, and write effectively.  The curriculum covers the development of civilisation from ancient times to the present. The subject matter is organised to concentrate on one historical period at a time, with interrelated courses that deal with materials from all of the humanities. Members read original historical texts from around the world and throughout history, rather than textbooks.

How do I join?

Membership currently open again.  The Liberal Studies Group meet twice a week during term time on Monday & Tuesday. 10.000am to 12.15 pm. Break at 11am.

No qualifications or minimum age necessary to join. If you wish to become a member please apply to membership sectary via our email address.

Please supply Name, Address, email and phone number so that we may follow up if a place becomes available.

The fee is €130 per year.

Please contact us for more information